Best Birthday Present Ever! MY SON 💙👶🏽


Hi everyone ! Beyond excited to finally share my birth story after a long 40 w + 2 d of being pregnant (I promise ladies your time will come although it might seem like you’ve been pregnant forever😝)

I was due April 16, 2018 & little man was staying just put. Went to see my midwife on April 17th just for a check of my cervix and as I was waiting to be seen I felt a trinkle of water (but it wasn’t much) I didn’t really think it was my water (being a FTM & not knowing what to really expect) but because it was barley anything.

As Im getting checked she says “well your leaking a little bit of amniotic fluid” and sees im dilated 1 cm & 100% thinned out. She could also feel his head. She then steps out of the room for a few minutes & when she comes in she says that she wants to induce me the following night (April 18th) and said baby should be here April 19th. Now I begin to panic, yes I know I’ve been pregnant for 40 weeks but now reality was setting in that I was going to have my baby so soon!

A little background on my pregnancy:

No complications

Healthy pregnancy

No issues what so ever

My blood pressure that day happened to be a little high, which it never has in my life and was always around 107/78, but today it was 135/94. That made me nervous and my midwife said it’s best to just get the baby out as he is fully developed and I was a bit exhausted of being pregnant.

I go home and relax. My phone rings at 8 PM & its my midwife telling me they’re going to induce me tonight instead of tomorrow 😶 now I’m beginning to freak out, but I get in the shower & I get to the hospital at 10 PM. I’m put into the labor room, my blood pressure was taken & it was at 111/69. My midwife comes in the room and says I’m 2.5 cm dilated but my water has yet to break. At this point I’m thinking this is going to be a long process. I get up and walk to the bathroom ‘ BOOM, my water broke! They start me on pitocin.

Shortly after my contractions are getting strong. I was able to take a nap & woke up around 2 AM with painful contractions. I was checked & was only at 3.5 cm 😓 As much pain as I was feeling I wanted to go naturally without any pain medicine or an epidural. I then went back to sleep (not sure how because I felt like I was dying). I woke up at 445 AM in the worst pain of my life. I broke down & asked for an epidural. After the epidural the pain was beyond manageable & yet again I took a quick power nap. I woke up around 715 AM and they upped my epidural a bit & I was 8 cm dilated ! The nurse said she felt so much hair on my little mans head & had me lay on my side with a peanut ball between my legs to get him further down.

Come 8 AM it was time to push! I pushed for 12 minutes & he was out!!! I couldn’t believe it happened that quickly. Nurses were shocked it was my first baby as I knew how to push properly & said I did so amazing! I can’t help but be so proud of myself because I’m a girl who can’t take being poked with needles at the doctors, yet I pushed a baby out 😍

Here’s my little (well not so “little”) man 💙👶🏽

Greyson Carter

Born April 18, 2018 at 8:12 AM

8 pounds 14 ounces

19.5 inches long

Mommy’s birthday twin 💙