Scarred I need faith and prayers

Melina • 👧🏽2012 👼2016 👼2017 👼4/2018 🌈2019 🙏🏽🤰🏾

Hello everyone!

Earlier last week I posted that I took a pregnancy test and wasn’t sure if I was hallucinating or not it fit was positive. I took that test on Sunday the 8th of April. On the 9th I spoke with my new doctor she said me for blood work right away. On the 12th reviewed my labs and my hog was 109 and my progesterone was low. She gave me supplements to take every day to build up my progesterone. I’ve been trying for the pass 3 years and I’ve had 2 miscarriages already funny enough the both occurred same time different year. I’m worried because my symptoms aren’t there my boobs don’t feel sore any more my hcg not doubling like they should but it’s going up. My progesterone is up because of the supplements. I feel weak to my knees. I keep crying. I feel like I don’t believe anymore. Why is god punishing me. I need faith. I listen to my daughter prayer everyday for a sibling it hurts me. Help me I’m feeling helpless...