Modern Science is amazing! Cleft repair *TMI WARNING

Alexis • Mama to a little boy & baby girl ❤️

My son was born May 12th 2017 with a left unilateral cleft lip & palate.

This was him as a newborn ❤️

Him around 2-3 months

& his first surgery at 4 months old!

He healed nicely from this!

On to palate repair at 9 months! Here’s where it gets TMI: surgery pictures!

His cleft palate before

Directly after surgery:

& now! (As best of a picture as he’d let me get lol)

Surgery free for the next couple years!

Here he is now, just a few weeks before his first birthday!

We’ve had many feeding and breathing struggles along the way, but it was all worth it in the end!❤️ If you actually read all this, thank you! Haha 💕