Just need to rant

So I have no friends because the only friends I have ever had is guys because all the girls around where I live are just full of drama and like to ruin relationships but I can’t rant to my guy friends because I’m not allowed to talk to them, so I’m coming here to rant.

Anyways so my older sister and her boyfriend are moving out to our dads place ( he owns homes and he rents them out, also lives in one of them) with their 5 kids (three are her boyfriends nephews and niece as their mom passed away a couple years ago when they were only 3,6,7 years old so he got custody of them, the the other two are their biological kids 18 month and a 4 week old). My sister texted me today and asked if my boyfriend and I could help them move the rest of their stuff out here tomorrow as we also live in one of our dads homes. I asked my boyfriend and he gets upset because he had plans for us to go watch drag races which we can go anytime and watch now it’s that time of the year. He gets all upset because I would rather help my sister than go watch the races (we are big into cars and drag racing). I hate that I have to try and please every one all at once. My sister does not have a truck since they are a family of 7 and we had already agreed to help them move when they were ready. And then he wonders why I’m in a depressed/grouchy mood. Well sir it’s because I’m a people pleaser and can’t make everyone happy all at once especially you.