Feeling lonely

Hey hopefully this wont be too long. Basically i have been with my other half a year now, not long ago found out i was pregnant and weve decided to keep the baby. However, i feel like everything is down to me, he has no job so i pay for everything (im a single mum of 2) i do everything around the house and i just feel like i get nothing back. I dont mean i want money or gratitude 24/7 but like i cant even remember the last time he even came and put his arm around me and said hows things going babe? Anytime we are out he is always walking half way up the street and i feel like im walking alone. He never wants to go out and do anything. And now that im pregnant im absolutely exuashted and i would have liked if hed offered to perhaps take the boys to school once in a while (i dont expect it as i know they arent his kids) but just share the load a little bit? Im soo tired im overwhelmed, at first i was excited about this pregnancy but now its dawned on me im probably going to be a single mum of three. Im just really down in the dumps atm and i literally have no friends (not because of my partner ive moved about alot so its made me very isolated) i just feel like my life is to serve him and my kids like a maid and thats it 🙁 sorry to rant life