Pregnant and now homeless

I have posted before about telling my mum I was pregnant and how I was scared of her reaction. quick run down I'm 24 and pregnant with baby number 3. my previous kids are twins and live with my ex their father. me and my fiance were so excited for this baby but I just told my mum and her first reaction was to tell me to get rid of it and I shouldn't have a baby with "him" (my fiance). she said she can't do this again since I ended up having a breakdown when the twins were 1 and a half due to an abusive relationship. now I have been kicked out of the home I'm currently living in which is my uncle's house because I'm pregnant. I'm so lost right now. I will be moving in with my fiance dad but that means I cannot see my twins as there is no room for them. I'm in Australia and desperately need advice. Sorry it's long. guess all you people judging me have the perfect life. I want to add I pay my own way with everything I pay my rent my bills my food and everything for my kids i don't live for free. the reason I don't have my current kids is because it works for me and their father it's not like there's a law that says I have to be the parent that has them full time I see them every chance I can get. my mum is just my main emotional support not financial it's just hard to get a house by waving my magic wand. it's something that takes time I'm only 12 weeks pregnant I just didn't expect to get kicked from this house I pay for. to those helping thank you