Which supplement is best to increase milk production?🤔

Brie • Francis John IV Due February 3rd. Born Feb 6th. 2018👶🏻🍼

Hello ladies! New mom here. I have a 2M3W old. His appetite has increased significantly and I just cannot seem to keep up. I have been trying several things to help with my milk production but none have seem to be working.

Some things I have tried are:

🔸 Pumping as frequently as every 4hours (best I can do)

🔸 Having him breast feed then pump afterwards for 30mins even if it stops flowing after 15.

🔸 Eating healthier and drinking lots of water.

🔸 Not being stressed so much.

🔸 Massaging my breasts before each pump.

Lastly I picked up Fenugreek 610mg capsules from Walmart 2 days ago and take them 4x daily. I understand I haven't given it long enough to work, I am looking into the next thing just in case. I have recently come across a website Upspring.com. They have 5 different types of supplements and am confused to what the differences are besides some of the ingredients and which would work best. So please if anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate your time and opinions/advice. I will show below the types.

Thanks again! 🍼Cheers, Bri.