Would you be upset?

My boyfriend has mentioned me briefly to his parents. We’ve been dating for almost 2 years. His parents don’t accept me because I am not the same religion and culture as them. He’s from Nepal, and his parents have planned an arrangement marriage for him. I’m just upset that he hasn’t spoken more about me so they understand that their son wouldn’t want that arrangement. He tells me that he is trying to speak with them, but why does it feel like he’s not trying hard enough? And because of this, my love life with him is very complicated. I’m not allowed to go over at his place because of his parents, and when I am he sneaks me in his room. I feel really ashamed for this like I have no voice whatsoever. I feel like I am not even in a relationship. Sometimes I just wanna break up with him so I can be single and not care so much. But then again, I do love him. But I don’t think I can wait years for him to convince his parents to finally accept me.

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