Is this an abusive relationship?

My fiancé/boyfriend. Been tighter for 3 years. Lived together for 2 at his parents one year and then mine one year and now after the year about living with my parents he left me a few months after my dads passing. A month after my dads passing he’d hurt me. He’d ignore me he’d be stuck on his game gta v all day. He’d punch me and tell me to leave him alone. He’d choke me sometimes when we’d fight. I slapped him back a few times when I got afraid I’m not gonna lie. He’s bruised my legs so deep you couldn’t see the bruises they hurt internally. He made me think in my head that if I didn’t give him anal he would leave me. He never spoke about it. But he peer pressured me so I felt like he forced and I can’t talk about sex with him without felling uncomfterble. He used to work at amazon so there was a girl there Maggie. He had her phone number in my car that we both shared together. He hid her number in my fuse box and I confronted him in front of my sister and his parents when they came over. In front of them he said it was just a manger but it was a coworker he liked sort of and asked her number he said it was revenge for me sleeping with a guy when we broke up but I thought we were completey done Becuase he was rude to me and he told me to leave abruptly from his parents when we lived together. Yes he lives in Vegas and I’m in California we do long distance it’s been like that for 7 months now. And right now he’s being mean and not remembering the things I told him about our relationship and how I want him to change and he’s being really rude towards me like his voice is spiked up and bitchy towards me he gets spiteful towards me over little things. Even after he said he’d change. So yea that’s my story.

UPDATE: Thank you to all of you empowering women for making me believe I am strong enough to overcome this. Thank You