Is it possible for me to be pregnant?! Help please!!


I went to visit my partner for 2 weeks on the 1st April. I only took one weeks worth of my mini pill with me because I presumed I’d be home for the rest after one week. But nope, so I stretched out the few mini pills I had over 4 days because I’d taken half the weeks normally. Anyway, I’d been having unprotected sex the whole time I was on the pill every other day (stupid I know) and nope we didn’t even do the pull out method. I’d come off the pill for 3 days, wed been having sex in that time, last time I had sex was 2 days before my period. I had a normal period, short but heavy. BUT...

..since that period stopped, it’s been about 3 weeks. I feel INCREDIBLY run down, so heavy and tired and hungry! Weird stuffy nose which I’m worrying is ‘pregnancy rhinitis’, sore hips/feet/back, feeling very sick, heartburn, headache, feeling as though I’m chunking out and peeing ALOT more than usual. Only thing I don’t have is sore breasts.

Is there a chance I could be pregnant, even though I kinda had a period 1 1/2 days later?

I NEED TO KNOW, I can’t get a pregnancy test until after pay day next week 😓

Learnt my lesson. USE PROTECTION ALWAYS, I don’t even know if I am yet but I’m SUPER panicking. Please help!