I am 6 weeks +3... and I’ve been feeling very anxious lately. I had some nausea and mild breast soreness - but nothing unimaginably different to the ordinary day or lead up to my period. Everyday i find myself asking the same question - “ is there really a human growing inside of me”.. “have I lost it?” “Should I still be going to the gym?”.. I find myself on here all the time with worry. And this evening I came across this beautifully written post in response to another worrier (like myself) and it simply read:

“Believing you can know anything from interpreting symptoms (or lack of) is like believing you can tell the future from reading runes. For every twinge, spotting or disappearing symptom you will find people who say "I had that and sadly is was a bad thing". You will also find just as many people who say "I had that and everything was fine". For EVERY. SINGLE. THING. Even "I had a bad feeling and it turned out I was right". Well screw that, I had a bad feeling and now I have an 18 month old. Honestly, there is nothing - NOTHING - you can tell from analysing anything.

Bleeding, or any other tangible thing? Midwife. Everything else, you may as well be gazing at the stars asking the heavens if it'll rain on your birthday in 2027. It will or it won't. You literally cannot know”

If this brings comfort to even just one other worrying woman out there then I’ll sleep a little better tonight.

Thinking of all the fellow superwomen out there & sending you a hug xxx