Has anyone on here shown an echogenic intracardiac focus (EIF) on your anatomy scan?


I am 20 weeks pregnant and today we had our anatomy scan ultrasound. They said everything looks great, however they did find a Echogenic intracardiac focus (EIF). My Doctor said she didn’t want to worry me, and that this is common. She said it happens often, and she hates having to have these conversations because it usually ends up being nothing. However, it is a “soft marker” for Down Syndrome. She said this marker paired with others would raise concern, but that there were no other markers for D.S. She said everything else looks completely normal, and fine. She told me that it should become a norm as long as it is not paired with other markers, as common as it is. I took a blood test today that’s 99% accurate on if this baby will have D.S. or not, but we have to wait two weeks for the results. Needles to say, I am struggling with worry. Does anyone have experience with this, and did it end up being nothing? I have been googling like crazy, and have seen many people say it was just a calcium deposit and that it disappeared by their next sonogram, etc. Thanks for your support!