I need someone to talk to

I don’t know what to do my life has fallen apart...

I’ve live with my boyfriend for 5 months. I have no family. Literally none whatsoever. No friends. Just my boyfriend. I recently got charged with intent to deliver...I hust had a lot of marijuana on me. I went to jail, lost my job, my living situation...I feel so alone. My boyfriend got arrested with me too the court issued a no contact IM TERRIFIED for court. I don’t wanna go back to jail. It wasn’t even mine but I falsely confessed to it Bc my boyfriend was on probation I have no priors, nothing, I’ve always been a good girl but now I’ve just lost everything. I feel depressed and suicidal CONSTANTLY I don’t know what to do anymore. Everyone is telling me suicide isn’t the option but I don’t have much left. I’m 18, no one taught me to drive so I can’t, homeless, jobless, alone and terrified for the future. I don’t know what to do anymore.

EDIT: I never knew my extended family. Just mom and dad. My dads abusive and a rapist and my mother abuses crack.


I have a medical card, I just had too much weed on me.

My boyfriend had truancy as a teen and when he was 18 it was so bad he got probation due to missing school.