Is it considered cheating? 😵😵

So my boyfriend and I had problems a while ago. It was because he was close to his best friend and she likes him so I was upset. He told me he didn't want her and he doesn't like her that way but she still means a lot to him as she's his best friend. He didn't tell me she has feelings for him!

We tried fixing our relationship but it's still a bit awkward although it's been a few weeks. I still think about it every once in a while.

I asked him about what we are last week and he said, "We're kinda together I guess but I can't really call you my girlfriend if we're still in this state and I feel bad for being a shit boyfriend. I want things to be normal again before that"

A few days ago he went out of town to see his dad because it was his dad's birthday and he wanted to spend a few days with him. This is what he sent me the day he left.

We still talk the way we were before but I don't know!

While he's away I made a tinder account and met a guy from there without him knowing. We didn't do anything though. He tried to kiss me but I said no.

But I don't know if it's considered cheating since I didn't do anything and I still like him more. Plus I don't know the status of our relationship.

Please comment your thoughts! 😬

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