Proud mommy moment!!


My milk came in 3 days PP & baby girl was latching great even though she came early & her mouth was tiny!! A few days go by & my breasts become engorged!! They grow so large that my little one can no longer latch correctly & I am struggle during feedings until a lactation consultant shows me how to use a shield. She did say it wasn’t ideal, but it helped if we needed it. Baby girl took to it immediately & we’ll be using it until either she gets bigger or latches better (we practice daily without it but she becomes frustrated fast). So today, I decided to pull out my pump JUST to see how I was producing & to set my mind at ease that baby girl was getting enough milk. So after I fed her for a good 20 minutes & our her down to sleep, I used my manual pump for the first time ever. Let me just tell you I almost cried I was so happy to see I pumped five ounces (2 oz on left & 3 on right) !!!!😍 I believe I still could’ve pumped another ounce out, but i was afraid of baby girl not getting enough milk next feeding. I was so excited I sent pictures to my mom, my sister, & I showed my step mom! I am now confident baby girl is getting enough to eat & I will be fine with pumping!😊

Here is a milk drunk Loreli just for attention because she’s perfect❤️