hes threatning me now..

well i posted earlier about my crazy husband. He wanted to do a loe detector test on me and it led to an arguement because im tired of being put thru this. He tested both our kids hes physco! so he left pretending he was going to the car real quick nope he took off on me. We have a 1 month old and a 5 year old my 1 month old had epilepsy ans my 5 year old has autism and i dont want them seeing me go thru this anymore! i usuallt call him 100 times begging for him after my 5th time trying to call i was like wtf fuck him having me beg for him what a piece of shit what am i thinking. So i put my phone on silence and fell asleep (he left at 10 pm btw) i woke up at 1255 am and noticed 2 messages 1 says wtf are you doing and the next whatever goodnight. And a missed call! then next thing i noticed i hear keys gingling. We have an alarm on the door so if he opens it itll go off. I pushed chair in front and a large pack of waterbottles were in the front as well so he couldnt get thru the alarm was going off as well. He then gives up and few minutes later he pushed with all his might and made it in and says why you did that i get up and yell to get out my house now which he does. He has to be at work at 5 am right now its 2 10 am i told him to bad i will not allow him back in my home he threatened to call the cops first off go ahead why would they waste there time at 2 am for clothes or do you think theyll show up? im done with him hes put me thru hell for 6 years