Okay so i feel so shitty i need to vent. So I met this guy, super sweet and incredibly hot we were hanging out and doing what people do you know (nothing serious just messing around and what not we met on tinder) when out of nowhere the 3rd month in i find out he has a fucking girlfriend. Obviously I cut all ties and feel like the worst person ever and months later I find another nice and cute guy and we’re having fun when a few weeks in I find out he has a girlfriend. Now me wanting to swear off all guys i find this guy who comes out of nowhere super sweet (again) and I knew him from high school I think hmm this could work when I find out HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND. Like honesty I feel so fucking shitty and I don’t know how guy can just cheat like that. It makes me feel so bad and like ill never be able to find and trust a man like come on all 3 have girlfriends and are fucking around. I feel so bad and I don’t know what to do omfg.