Ok guys help me out here please!


I get recurring bacterial vagnosis quiet frequently and I have been to my ob/gyn doctor over this which she prescribe me boric acid suppositories since flagyl wasn't helping at all. I don't know what to do. I heard bacterial vagnosis is caused by stress but I'm not stress at all. I wash with ivory soap and wash my clothes with tide. I wear always brand pads when I'm on my period and change pads Every time I pee while on my cycle. I know my husband is clean because I'm the only girl he has been with and he changes oil for people so he takes showers every night. the only thing we had done differently was my medical doctor said to change condoms which we did but that's been back in February. We don't use condoms now but we are planning working on baby #2 soon in August. what do you think I should do? I need help!