Some people should keep their opinions to themselves


So my daughter is a little over a month and she loves to sleep on her belly. Mind you, I don’t ever leave her alone nor do I fall asleep while she is on her stomach. I posted a photo yesterday on Instagram of her laying on her stomach sleeping, I was right next to her. Someone who I went to HS with decided she was gonna comment on the way she is laying. Here’s a photo of what she said along with the position I am talking about

I get that babies can get SIDS but I’m not the type to leave my own baby girl alone while sleeping on her belly for that to happen. But the comment in my opinion was very unnecessary especially because she doesn’t have kids, and she is not a physician. My daughters doctor even told me that it was okay to put her on her stomach as long as I’m with her the whole time. But I mean like she doesn’t have kids and she doesn’t even work with kids so she literally has no fucking clue what she’s talking about. Like I kinda wonder what went on in her head to think it was okay to comment on someone else’s way of parenting when you have no experience yourself. Some people should honestly just stay quiet sometimes. Anyway I just wanted to get that off my chest. Here’s some pictures of my baby girl, I literally can’t get enough of her😭😭❤️