Pregnant with a 1 year old who always kicks my stomach

I just found out I’m 5-6 weeks pregnant and my 1 year old son just can’t seem to stop jumping on my stomach and kicking it. No matter what i do he doesn’t know that no and stop means to not do it. He still sleeps in bed with me, he refuses to sleep in his do and i wake up to him kicking my stomach or throwing his body on it. He cries unless I’m holding him, and now I’m cramping. What do i do?

I put him in his bed with toys and he just throws them out and screams and cries, i can’t even sit down for a few minutes to relax. He has plenty of stuff to do and play with he just doesn’t care about it. I play with him and talk to him and cuddle with him but when he’s being bad he just laughs when i say no or he starts crying and kicking if i take something away from him or say no or to stop.

He’s too little to be whooped he just turned 1 in April