FET end of May/ early June anyone?


I know there’s already a thread for this but couldn’t find it. Anyone doing FET this month or early next month let’s compare notes lol

I went to baseline appt yesterday and everything looked good. Lining at 8 and estradiol less than 5. Starting my lupron today for 2 weeks.

The one thing I find it extreme was my coordinator said after transfer bedrest for 3 days, not even shower! She said “We want you off your feet as much as possible.” The only time I can stand is when using bathroom. I wonder who will take care of me because my mom is not around anymore, mother in law is in a different town and we don’t tell her we’re doing <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IVF</a>. My husband doesn’t go to the kitchen at all...I’m worried about my food breakfast, lunch and dinner, aint I supposed to eat very healthy? Lol. Are you ladies planning to cook ahead and just microwave it? ( I hate to microwave food) or buy take out?

Sorry for the rant...super anxious and overwhelmed here.