my beautiful ivf rainbow baby

Renae • Proud mumma of 2 beautiful girls, Madison Paige (30th October 02) and Ivy Jean (1st June 18)

hey everyone, i just wanted to share some of my 4d ultrasound pics with you all and to let you ladies who are going through

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know that it's definitely possible!!

my husband had a very low count and 94% abnormality rate, we were sure it would never happen for us, we were ttc for over 7 years on and off, until my husband came home from work one morning and said that he heard on the radio that there is an

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place in Sydney that bulk bills alot of the process. We got on the phone straight away to them and had a meeting a week or so later. Fast forwarding to my egg retrieval they got 16, 9 made it to day 3 and 4 made it to day 5, we were so happy. we transferred 1 fresh embryo and waiting the dreaded 2ww only to find out that it was negative, i was absolutely gutted. i decided to give myself and my body around 4 months break and try again, this time we transfered 1 frozen embryo, and again.. the horrible 2ww, during this 2ww i had a few issues with my 15 year old daughter, i got the flu and i was just so stressed, i was 100% sure the outcome wasn't going to be a good one, we got the call and was told congratulations! we were in total shock! couldn't believe it! i am now 33 weeks pregnant with my beautiful little

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rainbow baby, we are naming her

"Ivy Jean" (after my husband's great grandmother and my beautiful grandma)

As much as the tcc journey does take it out of you, always remember that it is possible, stay strong and stay positive even when it feels impossible.. i wish everyone going through the

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tcc journey so much luck and positive thoughts.

pictures are of my 2 beautiful girls. (my 15 year old - Madison Paige and my 4d ultrasound of little Ivy Jean 💖)