Bipolar man + high IQ

Erin β€’ THiNK... it’s not illegal.

Can anyone, someone... anywhere in the world 🌎 please tell me what it's REALLY like to be in a committed relationship with a man who had reactive bipolar yet is a genius at work and NEVER under any circumstances ever get it wrong (mechatronics engineer/scientist/acoustician), how can someone be so brilliant (professionally) yet so fucken STUPID (personally), how can someone be reliable, awarded, success, and very calm at work (100% of the time) yet emotionally be so retarded at times, I just want to pull my hair out. WHAT IS LIKE LOVING SOMEONE WITH BIPOLAR, give it to me straight-up, please be honest. I just can't for the life of me wrap my head around his sudden 'outbursts' or 'rages', he takes his meds every day and wants to take them. What am I missing, what is going on in his head? Thanks for your help πŸ™