Dear Mother in law

Dear mother in law,

I don’t say that I “hate” people but this is the only word that describes how I feel about you.

Every day I hate you more and more.

Although I make constipated polite conversation with you, every time I see your ugly face I’m wishing you were dead.

I’ve seen you abuse children. I constantly witness you mistreat your adult children.

But yet to the world you act like you are a saint.

Fakest of fake Christian.

You told everyone that me and your son got married on your birthday to make it seem like we did it to honor you. To be honest I didn’t even know when your birthday was when I was planning my wedding you stupid cunt! 😂 and now it’s our anniversary so we never have to celebrate your birthday again!

I asked you not to post pictures of our daughter on social media without permission but you do whatever you want.

So I “accidentally” let it slip to everyone that you wear fake teeth 😂 fucking bitch