Excuse my inquiry on this topic but I like to get answers from people and not merely from google articles.

I’m a first time soon to be mommy. And I’d like to breastfeed my baby, and also to breast pump so I don’t have to worry when I’m back at work. I don’t really expect to use formula on the first year.

My questions are:

1. When will the milk come out? (Research says 3-4 days after birth)

2. When is the best time to breast pump? How many times to I have to do it in a day?

3. How do I increase the volume of my milk?

4. Does breast pumping hurt? And is it advisable to breast pump both breasts at the same time?

Hope you can help me out here guys. Especially those who have the same questions that I have. I really want the best for my baby and I’m already thinking about this at 23 weeks of being pregnant. Thank you! 😊