Pregnancy and Abortion price and info

In the month of April I had a UTI and around April 16 I started taking some pills to cure it they’re like Antibiotics but from Mexico. I also missed my period (I was supposed to start on the 17 of April) My boyfriend and I noticed I was late so we thought it was because I was stressing since it’s happened before but 2 weeks have passed so I took at test on May 2nd and it came out positive I’m not sure if the pills that I was taking could’ve messed up with my hormones and make it appear positive or if I am. Do any of you know anything about this? If I am pregnant I am considering abortion since I’m still in school and have a lot of family problems. I’m 16 turning 17 next month and I wanna know if I need a parent to consent about the abortion or If my boyfriends mom can go with me. Also if anyone has an idea of how much an abortion would be in Arizona.