Should I be worried????

Kelseyyy🐛🐝 • Quinten's Mommy💙🦕

So last night my boyfriend and I were moving our bedding downstairs to sleep since it was so hot upstairs. We live in a loft and he was throwing stuff down while I made the bed on the floor. Well I decide to try to catch a water bottle hes tossing down and it slips thru my hands and hits my belly is pretty hard. My baby is always moving in kicking me and i haven't felt him move since last night, and there was some blood in my undies when I woke up. Should I go to the er, or am i just freaking out over nothing??

UPDATE: Thanks you guys for the advice! I did call my doctor and she told me to go get checked bcuz of the decrease in movement. So we went and everything was just fine. Baby of course started moving while we were hooked up, little guy made me feel silly lol but again thank you and were all good😊😊