men vs periods


I absolutely hate when men think periods are not a big deal, at least me and most women go through extremely painful cramps and men expect you to do normal activities on those days. "yes you can, most women go to work when they're in pain" yes, bodies are different, I'm surprised how they're so ignorant towards this topic, it's not new, they act like it's still a mystery 😣 , my husband calls me "lazy" LMFAO . one time I got a fever on my period, I got so irritated and annoyed that I pulled down my pants and pulled out my tampon to show him I wasnt lying (it wasn't that gross like I'm making it sound) we've been a while together and it's not my first or last period with him lol wtf? he even saw me all weak and pale, nope, still doesn't get it, do I need to be like seriously injured so he can take action? it gets me so angry when i don't feel good and I just want my body to rest and he comes and calls me lazy or an excuse to be lazy. I tried so many times to make him understand that I AM IN PAIN and it's not like a light tummy ache or a headache. he gets it but after a couple hours becomes ignorant again. he's not retarded lol but I guess just because it doesn't happen to him, he thinks it's no biggie. I'll have his mom explain or sister , his growing up family situation was different, and it wasnt like the mom would communicate to her children that she got her period last night, right? but come on! I keep telling him to do a little research , he now has a wife and maybe he will have daughters in the future. 😩🤦🏻‍♀️

does anyone relate? how did you explained the men in your life "periods" ?