am I overthinking?

so my boyfriend and I have been together for 3 and 1/2 years, we’re both 19. basically he has family issues at home and he also works with his father and brother. his family gives him a lot of shit and is SO hard on him constantly that he’s so unhappy. he always sleeps over my house and my family loves him so much and supports him and basically treats him as family. he’s such an amazing guy and his family is so mean to him for no reason, i’ve witnessed it. so i’d say around 3 years i brought up that my home is always open to him if he needs to get away from his family for a week or however long he needs. and it got us talking about moving in together, not because we just can’t wait to live together but because he’s so unhappy at home. so basically he said if I got approval from my parents that he would move in. of course he’d pay rent just like we all do anyway. so anyway I got approval from my parents then the next step was getting the basement room because it has more space for us, unfortunately my brother (that’s currently away at college) lives in that room. so I asked my boyfriend if I got approval from my brother to swap rooms, if he’d move in and he said yes. I got approval from my brother and talk to my boyfriend and now he’s saying we’re too young, and all this stuff which I completely agree with but it’s not like I wanted him to move in just because i’m clingy it was because of his home situation. he kept saying how we have our whole life ahead of us and that he doesn’t want to rush it but I don’t know I kind of just feel like maybe he doesn’t see a future with me. so I talked to my best friend about it and he said that if he had the chance to live with his girlfriend right now, he’d hop right on that opportunity. am i wrong for thinking that he’s being too serious about it? it’s not like he has to stay in my house forever, I was just giving him somewhere to stay for awhile so he’s happier. I think for him it’s just too much of a commitment. but I don’t know yeah I want to live with him and he gave me all this hope saying he’d move in then just backed out when it got all serious. I understand his reasoning but why wait? yeah we’re young but if it could possibly make him happier why wait?

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