Struggling post c section?


Anyone else really struggling with their c section recovery? I had an emergency like c section. I say “like” emergency because we decided to have the csection after 3 hours of pushing and him still not making his way into the birth canal, but he wasn’t distressed when we threw in the towel, so he came out healthy and happy.

I, on the other hand, am not coping well with the aftermath. I hadn’t even considered that I might have a csection (naive, I know) and just feel completely mentally unprepared. I was active my entire pregnancy, going to Crossfit up until 38 weeks and now I feel like my body is just ruined. Even when I’m cleared to go back to exercise at 6 weeks, I still won’t be able to go back to my gym. Working out is my #1 stress reliever and now I feel trapped inside my cut up body.

I also still can’t leave the apartment without my husband’s help because I can’t carry his car seat down the stairs without pain. So I’m just feeling dependent (I’m normally very independent) and stir crazy.

Apart from that I hated the actual c section. I couldn’t see my baby for an hour after he was born, and I was so exhausted from being up for 24 hours and pushing for 3 that I was more or less sleeping through the delivery. I found the whole situation really traumatic. I’m panicking that I when/if we have more kids I’m going to have to have another c section.

I know that a c section was the right decision and I would make the choice again. I’m also grateful for my beautiful baby boy, but I don’t know how to get over all this anxiety about the long/slow recovery and the prospect of doing this same garbage again the next time I have a kid. Anyone have any words of encouragement?