The guy i like has broke up with his gf

They only got together last month, i used to work with him (lets call him C) in a restaurant and we always had a thing. Last month i went to a birthday party at the restaurant and C was flirting with me as usual but another old workmate told me to back off coz C had a new girlfriend... when I mentioned his gf C didn’t answer either way.

Tonight another old workmate told me C is single again, so i said that it didn’t last long and I asked what happened? He said its because i like C. I laughed and jokingly told him to see if C wants to go for a drink, I said I’m free on Thursday but C is paying... he replied that C has Thursday and Friday off this week so he will tell him in the morning... eeeep its exciting that we might have a date but I don’t want to be a rebound either