Emotional help


Hi everyone!

Just need to let it out in the universe cause I really don’t have many I can talk to.

I’m currently one week away from finding out if my husband and I were successful in getting pregnant.

This will be our third month trying.

I can’t get over how emotional this process is. I was shopping for my best friends baby shower this past weekend (she’s a month away from having her second baby) and I burst into tears in the store and had to go hide in a corner of the store to try to calm down. I’m even crying now as I write this.

Anybody have some positivity or something that helps them get through this?

I’m 25 and have thyroid issues (had Graves’ disease 4 years ago and got radioactive iodine and the doctors still can’t get it in the normal range) so it’s scary that maybe I won’t be able to get pregnant.

Thank you in advance

It’s going to be so rough if we’re not pregnant next week :(