Moved back to apartment, 6 week old lost weight?


Hi everyone. I’m a first time mom with a 6-week old daughter. Right after she was born, we moved in with my mom first to get some help just until my husband and I could get adjusted. A few days ago, we moved back to our apartment and naturally, the change in environment triggered all sorts of stimulation for my daughter. (There’s a lot of new things for her to see!)

Anyway it’s our 3rd day since moving in and we noticed she’s lost some weight around her face, arms and torso. :( Our breastfeeding schedule hasn’t changed and neither has her sleep schedule. The amount of diapers (wet and dirty) stays the same too. I did observe that during breastfeeding, she seems to be more distracted and falls asleep earlier than finishing a feed.

Has anyone ever experienced the same with their babies? I’m hoping it’s just a period of adjustment for her and that she’ll okay after a couple of days. Thanks