Pregnancy sex (or lack thereof)


I am just over 26 weeks and it's like my libido has jumped into a volcano and exploded, I can't stop thinking about sex and how badly I want to be intimate with my husband.

In the early days of our relationship we were a "let's see how many times we can have sex in one day" kind of couple and even got up to 4-6 times some days... it was also very rare to miss a day, we'd even have sex on my period (sorry for the tmi). We've been together 3+ years now, and gradually since I got pregnant we've steadily had less and less sex. It's been quite painful on most angles but I'd soldier through it even if I didn't get anything out of it, because I enjoyed the intimacy.

So we are down to maybe 4-5 times a month now. :( At first, he said the decline was because we arent having sex with condoms anymore so he feels "satisfied" in a different way. Then it was because he felt accomplished, (since I got pregnant) so he felt a different sort of satisfied... Now he says it's because it physically hurts me when we try that he turns me down. Despite originally claiming "he'd never turn me down." The last time we had sex didn't hurt. But not having sex at all hurts in a completely different way. I'd rather feel a little pain down below to still feel attractive and wanted :(

Does sex come back after the baby is born? Will he ever find me attractive again? I have horrific bright red stretchmarks on my tummy despite tending to my skin every day :( so I'm wondering if he's just trying to spare my feelings? He still gets erections if we hug and he likes to say "see, you still turn me on". He used to initiate constantly but perhaps during my low libido months, he's just switched off from me?

I'm just scared our sex life is on the decline forever :(