Am I wrong?!

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My little boys dad lives with us, we aren’t together, he moans when he has to look after our son (who’s 3) when I’m at work and he wants to go out, he has him today 2:30 after nursery until I get home from work at 5:30 ... I asked him to have him Saturday because he’s not at work, my mum helps a lot but we have just discovered she has breast cancer, she has another biopsy tomorrow and will be too exhausted and drained on Saturday to look after my little boy, when I called he went mad telling me I’m working on his days off to stop him doing things?! My rota has been done for over a week, I do the shifts I am given, He just screamed at me down the phone telling me I do it on purpose, now crying my eyes out trying to find someone to have my little boy because his dad won’t and my mum can’t :(

He can go out today after work and he’s off on Friday so he can have the day to himself then too :(