Feeling symptoms but constant bfn

Michelle 🇬🇧

I’ve got 4 kids. So I know the symptoms. I’m on the mini pill but have missed a few the last cpl wks due to my mind being else where and stress. I just forgot them. Another baby would be fine that’s not the issue. Thing is as I have no periods I don’t know when to test. So I’m testing daily with the cheap strip ones. I feel nauseous, mouth is watery, I get nauseous in the middle of a meal. I’m peeing a lot, extremely tired and have erratic mood swings and occasional cramping. But all tests are bfn. When should I test if the pills missed where between 2 wks and a week ago? I’ve never had a surprise baby I’ve planned my 4. So never been in this situation before. Please no negative comments I’m extremely emotional right now over this and something else going on so please just advise don’t chastise. Thanks