Should there be a S in LGBTQ+? (LGBTQS+)

Alyssa • 16

Quick note: In this post when I say LGBTQ I don’t include straight, cis people. Also when I say straight I mean straight AND cis.

The S stands for straight. So it would be lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, straight, plus. It was started up by two girls who were making extremely homophobic videos (they were saying to stop celebrating being gay and start celebrating only being straight). Originally people were just mad but then another girl made a parody of a song called I’m bisexual or better known as the coming out song. The original lyrics are...

“Have you heard of LGBTQ+? Well I am the B. I have a heart that could love either gender. Yes I’m bi and I’m proud to be me.”

But the girl who made a parody changed the lyrics to...

“Have you heard of LGBTQS+? Well I am the S. I have a heart the can only love the opposite gender yes I’m straight and I’m proud to be me.”

This made lots of people mad because the song was all about coming out and it was changed to a sexuality that most of the time doesn’t come out. After that happened more and more people started arguing saying that there’s now a S in LGBTQ+.

The most popular argument in favor of it is the fact that straight is the only sexuality not included in the LGBTQ community. People started saying that the people against were were discriminating against them for being straight.

The most popular argument against the S is that straight people don’t experience the hate members of LGBTQ go through. It’s very rare straight people are victims of hate crimes because they are straight. Another thing is if an S was added then it would just be the entire human race.

So what’s your opinion? Should there be an S?

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