TEENS: read & vote (spin off of opinion on teens today)

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There is a current post up basically bashing the generation of teens and how the world is doomed. However, it’s based on zero evidence. So, I thought bringing a poll into the equation would add some interesting depth.

Here is the poll question:

Do you...

- support rights for ALL people?

- support equality for ALL people?

- genuinely care about those around you?

- want to keep those around you safe?

- give and fight for the respect and support POC and those in the LGBTQ+ community deserve?

In the poll, first answer if you’re a teen, then, if you are a teen (since I want the focus to be on teens and their opinions), answer whether you agree with most/all or few/none.

Feel free to create further discussion below. I’m hoping the results will be pleasantly surprising (and maybe some of you will realize how far off their assumptions are).

Vote below to see results!