Update on my recent posts , its been 5 weeks since i missed my period . Recently my bf also got another dream which was like a follow up dream from a dream hes had before like a couple weeks ago. The original dream was me and him were driving home after i just gave birth and i told him to hold the baby to see her , he hold her and smiles then he wakes up. Now recently he got a dream following up on that, like it continued .

There has been alot of pregnancy dreams ( if u read my other posts , you'd understand )

Symptoms ive been experiencing has been food cravings, sleeping alot during the day (like 4pm to 8pm) , ive been moody as fuck , i get so mad easily , recently ive

been getting nauseous like a couple days ago a feeling just overcome me where all of a sudden the thought of food just made me almost wanna throw up, it disgusted me . Last Friday i took another pregnancy test and it came out negative . My bf then tells me tests usually dont work after your deep into the pregnancy like after 2 weeks. I also searched that up and read it . Now this morning ive been feeling cramps slowly start to roll up and now my stomachh just feels so bad and theres cramps. They're not extreme cramps like the ones id usually get durin my period, but its like a roller coaster. At the bottom of my stomach it goes from just cramping to pain . I feel like shit rn and dont feel like doing anything . Im stressed because we dont know if this is just pms and my period is coming in or if its pregnancy. I counted 30 days fter my last period which was on February 25. I counted 30 days after and i counted 5 weeks after the 30 days , which is how i got my calculation for how long ive been missing my period . I just talked to this girl at my school who is 8months pregnant and she told me you dont really know until 2 months in. Anyone go thru the same stuff as me and ended up pregnant? I havent thrown up and my breasts havent been sore or nun but could it still b a possibility ?

Ive also been having alot of discharge like everytime i touch myself down there , im reallly wet.