Missed Period Day 1

Rosa • 🌷Momma of one babygirl named Roma🌷Love has no age💘 Puertorican 🇵🇷

For the women out there who would like to know about odd symptoms appearing a week before AF. I have been feeling very strange lately, this is my list of symptoms since 7dpo:

-Very uncomfortable cramps on my lower abdomen lasting two days, then the third to fourth day felt dull and only on right pelvic side.

-Movements in my uterus, like if something were stretching and pulling

-Suppressed hunger, very slow digestion. Constipation and dark stool, but this is due to prenatal vitamins.

-Bloating lasting a week.

-Acidic stomach, intermittent reflux (not nausea)

-No creamy white cervical fluid before AF, and this is strange because I always have white CF two or three days before period comes.

-No sore boobs or tenderness, and this is also strange for me. I only feel a very slight kind of electric sensations in my boobs but are almost non existent. The only thing is that my aureolas are darker and bigger and it’s tiny bumps are very protuberant.

-Achy lower back

-Itchy urethra

-I’m very moody. Every little thing annoys me right know.

I haven’t tested yet because I want to wait till my ‘projected period’ week passes. Then I’ll be sure..

So I just shared my symptoms and this is the first time in my cycle life that I have felt them. I feel pregnant and maybe May is my month. I’m hoping and praying it is. I send you all baby dust.

UPDATE: I survived day number one of my projected period, now I’m 2 days late. No symptoms except for tiredness.