Moving in with partner.

ruby • Outdoors person & animal lover

Okay, so me and my partner are pretty on top of wanting to live together. Not yet, but after my year of lease is up (October) My roommates are getting married next summer so I’ll have to move out eventually. I’m not in a rush to live with my partner, but we are very confident that we are going to settle down together, forever. The relationship is very healthy and very loving. We’ve been dating for four months.

I got out of a abusive relationship whom I was living with a month before dating my current partner. And I’ve dealt with living with people and dating lots of people.

Here’s the conflict: I told my sister that I wanted to move with him. And all I got was negative vibes. I’m questioning moving in with him now, and feeling ashamed.

I’ve always got a jealous vibe from my sister about me in a good relationship. She’s always been trying to give bad vibes about him to my family. What should I do? Listen to my sister or go with my heart?