Vaginal Granulation Tissue: HELP!


I tore during birth and at my 6 week postpartum appointment, my OB spotted the granulation tissue. She burned it off with silver nitrate but I still had painful sex. I went back and had it burned off a second time. Sex was still painful so I went back a third time. OB said that I don’t have any granulation tissue left and gave me a vaginal cream to apply to the area where the tissue used to be. That helped, and I used it for months. I ran out at 7 months postpartum. I started having pain during sex again like my tear is going to rip open or something. I got more cream... now I’m 14 months postpartum. I’ve run out of the cream once again and once again I am having painful intercourse.

OB says my only option is to keep applying cream and wait until I am done having children and then have surgery to remove the area where I am having trouble... but there’s a chance that my body will produce the granulation tissue after surgery as well.

I am SO DISCOURAGED about this. I just want to cry because I’m just sure sex will never not be painful for me... (FYI even before birth, I never thought sex was awesome, but at least it didn’t hurt. Now I hate it). Does ANYONE have any insight or advice? Is anyone else struggling with this? I mean FOURTEEN MONTHS postpartum!