10 Weeks 3 Days - Car Accident


Heyy everyone ! Last night me and my daughter were in a small car accident. We were waiting at a stop sign and a lady coming off the highway came to turn on the street I was on but didn’t go over far enough and hit us head on. I went to the hospital to make sure baby was okay and got an ultrasound and they said baby is doing great! No signs of distress and the heartbeat is 165bpm . My daughter that was in the car with me is 5 and she’s okay too ! For me on the other hand i have some internal bruising which I’m assuming is from my seatbelt. Also when the doctor checked my stomach some parts hurt really bad when he pushed on it 😓 also my back , shoulders neck and head have been hurting non stop . Keep us in your prayers please! Oh I also saw baby moving ! He was still at first but when she start pushing on my stomach he started moving and I saw him straightening out and curling his legs and putting his hands to his head! My life will never be the same after seeing that it was so amazing . I’m happy i got to see my baby again so soon just wish it was under better circumstances . Nonetheless I’m glad her accident wasn’t worse than it was and were all okay ☺️

Also, any guess on what baby’s gender might be 👀👀☺️☺️