So today my husband received a phone call from his ex-wife saying that his daughter that's 20 years old what's to see him... I have so much mixed emotions right now. For years now I've been trying to have my husband get involved in his daughter's life when she was young but his ex-wife didn't allow it now that we're trying to have a baby of Our Own It seems like she's doing this on purpose... Am I Wrong to have these emotions or are they normal... Me and my husban been with each other for over 8 years already... I've never kept him away from his daughter if anything I encouraged him to be in her life... Why does the ex-wife have to get involved I mean his daughter's an adult she's old enough to get a hold of him by herself I just don't understand it I need some advice anybody... I'm not jealous I trust my husband with all my heart and I know he would never do anything to hurt me I just don't understand why I feel like my heart is beating out of my chest and so emotional...😔😢