Tipping food service people that don’t wait on tables


First, I want to apologize if the title doesn’t make any sense. I’ll explain the situation.

I volunteered at my small office job to go pick up lunch for those who chipped in their part.

We decided on a hot wing place that’s just a front counter. You order, stand around a few minutes, get your food and go. It is not a sit down place where someone waits on you.

So everyone is chipping in their money and telling me what they want and someone says “what about tip?” And I realized that a lot of places like these leave a blank for tip on the receipt and I haven’t put much thought to it. (I normally tip.) It didn’t take long for a firm discussion to break out if these people really deserve a tip since they aren’t doing anything “extra” and aren’t waiting on your table.

What are your thoughts?

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