Needing some I wrong?

For the last couple years, my hubby and I have been fighting a ton about sex. He’s claiming he doesn’t get it as often as he’d like and that I don’t show enough affection.

Now long story short, I’ve had tons of medical problems down there the last 3 years which always result in pain. 5 ovarian cysts that ruptured (pain similar to childbirth), that lead to surgery to have my appendix out and removal of the scar tissues the ruptures caused. After that, I was diagnosed with bad cells in my cervix. Luckily we got pregnant Dec 2017.. and then unfortunately miscarried Feb 2018. After the MC I had to have a LEEP Mar 2018 to remove the bad cells, and now have come to find out I have yet another ovarian cyst May 2018.

Our current fight is that he hasn’t gotten any in the last 48 hours. Am I wrong for feeling like he is showing no empathy towards me and how my body is feeling especially what it’s been through the last 3 months?? I am in pain, and I feel overall terrible, and yet he has the nerve to be mad at me for “turning him down” for sex when we just had it 2 days ago.

This is a constant revolving door with him. Is he in the wrong or being mad so easily, or am I in the wrong for not doing it?