Please help

I don’t know if I’ll get a response or not but unfortunately im going through rough things im 15 and i know most of you will think”oh a little girl” but im not im very mature and i like to handle things maturely but i need help ive had a boyfriend for about 8 months we will make 9 months on the 20th i love him but i feel like he doesn’t feel the same anymore he’s always be all about me but I’ve been noticing weird things like today i was at school and i completely missed breakfast and i recently got braces so im still adjusting to hard food so i asked “babe can you bring me food anything soft it doesn’t matter” because he was going late to school and first block goes by and during second block he texts me “babe ima be a little late im getting my mom her mothers day gift” and i was completely fine with that but then i go to third block and i cant be on my phone and im trusting him to come to school and bring me food because the school food is too hard for me to chew on and when the lunch bell rings i see it says “i put an alarm for 9 but i over slept” i went to our messages and at 9:41 we were texting i get so mad and disappointed because he never lies to me but now he did and on top of that he bailed on me knowing i was starving and there was absolutely nothing I could eat unless he brought me food and i find it unfair because i would never leave him hungry especially when he’s depending on me and then after school my mom picked me up and she was going to a school activity with my little sister which is right across from my old school that all my friends still attend so my mom told me to stay with my friends while she was with my sister because she didn’t want to leave me home alone with my dad and I don’t feel safe my dad is an aggressive alcoholic and i dont feel safe alone with him and my boyfriend doesn’t like when i go to my old school alone and he made a big deal about it because my mom forced me to stay there and threatening me of breaking up and saying we need to talk tomorrow before school knowing tomorrow I have AP testing which is insanely important and i cant have the stress of a breakup on me and me and him have lots of fights because he speaks very rudely to me sometimes and I don’t like it but at this point I don’t know what to do and i need help