Found these photos on my husbands phone... 😳😱🤭😮

Jessica • 29, Married. FTM to Sebastián James 11.30.19.

Back story,

Was not snooping. We both have full access to each other’s phone. I was looking for a particular picture we took together on his phone that he kept forgetting to send to me. Anyway...

Found this whole group of photos and I was shocked!

Here’s the photos:

There’s more, but I’ll spare you 😂😂😂

This is the phone of my husband, who “hates cats” and told me I couldn’t have one, but we found this girl half dead in mid kitten season and I convinced him we had to keep her or else she would be put to sleep because of her damaged eye...

Now he loves her and cuddles with her and saves her a gap on the bed meanwhile pushing me up against the wall with no space lmao

Last night he asked me to find her and call her to bed with him.

I guess he’s now a cat person 😂

Sorry for the anxiety I may have caused some of you lmao

This is an example of what I get sent while I’m still working later than he is...

Cat selfies haha

Love my hubby and little cuddle bug