1 week

I'm so excited to go next week to our first appt with my doctor.

back story: we went to a local pregnancy clinic and got a test performed (after I had taken a few at home first), I was pregnant! the next week, we had an ultrasound done at the same place...first an outside the stomach one then a transvaginal one. we didnt really seem much other a black dot in the uterus so the nurse said that I probably ovulated late. we were going to schedule another ultrasound but I have this one next week so she didnt want to do them too close together. also they sent me to have some bloodwork done to check my hcg levels and they came back all good.

I am just excited to find out how far I actually am...wishing I was farther than I am so this nausea and sickness would go away. šŸ˜­

but my hubby was so cute today. he says "I just can't wait to be able to hold it!" šŸ˜