First time-ish

So I posted once previously about having sex but it wasn’t sex it was his dick in and then it slipped out. Well today I had sex and it was amazing. I’m 16, on the pill, we used a condom, and I mean this might sound a bit wild but it was at the movies 😛😛 it was amazing. I tried getting on him first but it hurt so bad I almost started crying. He felt me shaking and could tell I was gonna cry so he offered to switch. I laid on my seat and my legs reached into his and he got in between then and I put him where he needed to be and he just went in. There was a slight discomfort, no pain, like people say there’s always terrible pain, it lasted 20+ minutes I lost count and I came twice 😫 I could feel him in my stomach when he’d go deep and oh man the whole thing was just amazing ☺️ I felt so liberated 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ and I just wanted to moan and scream and just show him that it felt amazing but I think he got it when he felt me come, twice 😂😂 That’s a win in my books ❤️ I wanna marry this boy 💘💍